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Beto Muñoz has gone from a kid in Chicago sketching imaginary worlds on his bedroom walls with broken crayons, to creating beautiful pieces of art on skin at his tattoo studio in Lombard Il. Art has always been a big part of his life and it shows in the quality of his work. The attention to colors and detail in his artwork and tattoos, is impeccable. From the smallest to the largest tattoo, he makes sure everything is perfect and every client is happy at his home Color Theory Tattoo in Lombard Il.

Since starting his professional tattoo career in November 2007 at a local tattoo shop in Addison Il, he has immersed himself in creating the best possible tattoos. With plenty of passion and determination, he has become a very sought after artist in Dupage county. His work has won over 180 awards in various competitions including: best color tattoo, portrait tattoo, realism tattoo, best sleeve tattoo, new school tattoo, black and grey tattoo, full back tattoo, tattoo of the show, and many more from Chicagoland tattoo shows to shows across the country.

There are a variety of different styles and mediums that he likes to work with. "I believe that change is good and can only make you grow as an artist. I also love the challenge of learning to do something new." He specializes in big custom tattoo work from sleeves to whole backs and legs, but loves the smaller projects as well. TATTOO GALLERY

Beto Munoz’s artwork and tattoos have a certain appeal that you just can't ignore, and many have already taken notice. He has been featured in several tattoo magazines and Chicagoland newspapers for his artwork and tattoos. The love of art has been with him his whole life and people are loving his artwork from skin to canvas. "I love what I do, I get to paint and create art on skin for the rest of my life. Who doesn't want to make a living doing what they are passionate".

In 2015 he opened his own studio alongside his brother and three friends. Color Theory Tattoo in Lombard is a beautiful and spacious tattoo shop with some of the nicest tattoo artists I have ever met. With all award winning artists working at Color Theory Tattoo, Beto says he is excited for the future and to push tattoos in the Chicagoland area up a notch.

It is truly amazing what he has accomplished thus far and we are excited to see what's coming next. If you are interested in getting some artwork done or a tattoo by Beto Muñoz, you can contact him at Color Theory Tattoo In Lombard Il, 60148.

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