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Jimmy Munoz's Biography

Jimmy Munoz started his apprenticeship in March of 2008. Under the supervision of all the artist at Rising Phoenix Tattoo, Jimmy started his career in the tattoo industry. His brother Beto quickly took control of his apprenticeship, teaching Jimmy how to be an artist. He quickly found out that a tattoo apprenticeship would engulf all of his time. He says "it's was all about practice in my apprenticeship. Always practicing in my apprenticeship gave me good art habits.” As the years have gone by Jimmy still believes that learning to be a great artist takes a lifetime. Starting a tattoo studio was always a dream of his. With that in mind Jimmy has found a second family at Color Theory Tattoo in Lombard. A comfortable studio of 5 artist, they have all come together and become close. The whole shop inspires each other and works together to give the client the best tattoo possible.

Being an artist in Lombard and Addison, Illinois Jimmy's favorite art style is more of an illustrative new school look. His styles can range anywhere from Bio mechanical, Japanese, cover ups, floral, realism, cartoon, and many more. To see his TATTOO GALLERY click here. Although tattooing will always be his first love, he still enjoys to paint in different mediums. You can see his art work in the ART GALLERY section. Jimmy tells me "painting at home allows my art to be anything I want it to be". He has also experimented with many mediums Prisma colors, oils, pastels and many more. Jimmy has gotten in the habit of always practicing his art craft. When an artist does their best on every project the next one is that much better. Jimmy is trying his best to live up to that and has been doing it since 2008 in the Chicago land area.

His parents grew up in Mexico and came to the Chicago land area very young to start a new life and family. Being the youngest of three boys, Jimmy has always had a lot of people to look up to from his parents to his brothers. Always taking the lessons he learned from his family Jimmy has tried his best in all the aspects of his life. Jimmy takes so much pride in his work because he believes that it reflects on him and his family. His parents have always worked hard to give him and his two older brothers everything and teach them to work hard. That is what Jimmy and Beto try to do every day at Color Theory Tattoo.

With a Bachelors in Marketing from DePaul University, Jimmy uses the things he learned in school to help Color Theory Tattoo in Lombard. He has also won many awards for his tattoo art around the U.S. Appearing in magazines and newspaper articles since 2008 Jimmy will continue to promote the art he loves so much. So keep an eye out for all his new artwork. Whatever Jimmy is up to, you can always see him in a good mood at Color Theory Tattoo eager to give you the best tattoo. At Color Theory Tattoo in Lombard, Illinois he will be there to help you out with any of your tattoo ideas. If you have any questions please contact Jimmy at Color Theory Tattoo. CONTACT INFO